KIDPOWER India is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating safer communities. We are now used to watching and reading terrible incidents that happen frequently in our country. Such incidents raises questions about the our safety and our children safety. Instead of worrying, we can prepare ourselves and our children to be confident and competent by learning people safety skills.
Kidpower trainings teach ‘people safety how to stay safe, protect oneself and others and increase self confidence in any situation. Instead of using fear to teach about danger, Kidpower makes it fun to learn to be safe. Our teaching can be adapted for all ages and different circumstances. Kidpower is the local centre of Kidpower-Teenpower- Fullpower International, a global nonprofit leader in personal safety education for 25 years.
Kidpower also focuses on children in difficult situations by providing them with education support, safety trainings and other intervention which will help the children to continue their education and have a better future.
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International Child Protection Month
Do you Know, every year Kidpower celebrates September as International Child Protection Month. This year we will share select lessons from the new book about protecting child safety at all levels of society. Get involved
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