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About Us
Creating safer communities
Kidpower India is a nonprofit organization started in 2007 and is committed to create a safer world for children and protect their rights. Kidpower India provides positive and practical training workshops in safety skills to children, teens and adults. The trainings teach how to stay safe, protect oneself and others and increase self confidence in any situation. Kidpower India is local centre of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International.

Kidpower India also provides education scholarship for girl children and children with disability and provides support in terms of academic fee, uniform, books etc. James Tootely in his book, ‘The beautiful Trees’ prescribes a similar approach to educate the poor children and calls it ‘targeted vouchers for the poorest’.

Till date Kidpower has provided around 50 safety trainings; provided scholarship for over 250 girl children and supported education material to 80 children with disability.
Mr. Praveen Vempadapu - Centre Director
Mr. Praveen Vempadapu is the Secretary and director of Kidpower. He has a Masters in Development Studies from Institute of Social Studies, The Hague. He was trained in USA on how to conduct kid power safety workshops for children. Praveen believes that Kidpower methods are fun and highly effective for prevention of abuse and violence.

In 2007 a comprehensive study on child abuse in India was published for the first time by the Ministry of Women and Children. It shows that child abuse is rampant in India with 2 out of 3 children facing abuse. Some of the main areas of facing abuse are at home and at school. All forms of abuse were high, including mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

It was at this time that Praveen came across Kidpower safety skill trainings that Was started in USA from 1989 ( He has attended the kidpower safety trainings workshop in USA and has established Kidpower India, the local center in India of Kidpower International.
Sobha Peri - Associate Centre Director
Sobha Peri has Bachelor's Degree in Education and has worked in different schools before joining Kidpower India in 2008. For the last 10 years she was training children from different schools and NGO homes on safety skills. She has also attended Kidpower International Instructor training in January 2014 at Santa Cruz USA.
Vision - Mission and Objectives
To work together to create cultures of caring, respect, safety for all children.
To teach children to learn how to stay safe, act wisely and believe in them and to work with vulnerable children and protect their rights.
Empowerment of children, teens and adults against all forms of exploitation or abuse by enhancing their skills for self protection, getting help and advocating for others.
» Focus on children in difficult situations through education support.
» To take up media related activities to achieve our aim
Social Change Model
India is home to 19% of children in the world, meaning that every fifth child is a child on Indian soil. Children form 42% of the population of India. How safe are the children? The 2007 government report on child abuse notes that more than 50% of children in India face some form of physical and sexual abuse. It states that if child abuse is neglected this will affect the progress of the country. We believe that the success-based learning approach created by KIDPOWER International is a very effective system available for preparing young people to protect themselves. The skills we teach help participants prevent most bullying, molestation, assault and abduction. KIDPOWER India Social Change Model contains 3 core elements: empowerment training, inclusion of children in decision-making and cooperation between stakeholders.

Empowerment Training:- Helps children see themselves as strong, valuable and capable of breaking away from unhealthy patterns.

Inclusion of children in decision-making:-
Acknowledge that for child protection to take shape a need for attitude change in society is necessary.

Cooperation between stakeholders:- Finally social change calls for cooperation.

between stakeholders:- Families/caregivers, communities, civil society and State.
 S.No Name Designation  Qualification
1. Murali Krishna Kotagiri President Software Professional
2. Botu Gopal Krishna Vice-president Charted Accountant
3. Vempadapu Praveen Secretary Social Worker
4. P. Sobha Rani Joint secretary Social Worker
5. Raja Naresh Kumar Treasurer Business Consultant
6. B.Kalyan Varma Member -
7. R.Kameswari Member -
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