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Scholarship to Poor Girl Children
Kidpower is working with around low cost schools in Visakhapatnam providing scholarships to poor girl children and empowering the children through trainings. Around 300 girl children from poor background are provided scholarships of an amount of Rs 3500-Rs 6000 every year. The school fee is paid directly to the school. Kidpower staff makes regular visits to the school and home to ensure the child does not drop out of school and is motivated to do well in her education.

James Tootely in his book, "The beautiful Tree prescribes a similar approach to educate the poor children and calls it "targeted vouchers for the poorest. The reason behind the approach is that many parents in the slums send their children to low cost private schools with the strong belief that education will help the children have better future. However, in some cases the family is unable to pay the fees and as a result the children have to drop out of school. Usually if the family has more children than the girl child is the first to drop.
Ramya Continues her Education
Buradapati Ramya is 13 years old and is studying 8th class. Ramya’s father is working as helper for an old couple. For his work, he gets a salary of Rs 6000 per month. They live in a very small one room house for which they pay a rent of Rs 2000 per month. Ramya also has an elder sister who is studying 9th class in the same school.

Low income is the main reason why the family is struggling to support the education of the children. Most of the time Ramya’s father is unable to pay the school fees.

Ramya is a clever girl and is good in studies. As per her school reports she gets more than 80% marks. She also actively participates in school events and sings patriotic songs. Her favorite pastime is reading story books. When she grows up her ambition to become an Engineer.

Her school fees was paid in June 2017. She is supported for the last few years.
Tejaswani Ambition is to Become a Doctor
Malla Tejaswani is 12 years old and is studying 6th class. She is clever and healthy child. She studies well and when she grows up her ambition is to become a teacher.

Tejaswani's father left the family 3 years ago. From then, Tejaswani's mother only is looking after the family. She works as a cook in a nearby household. She cooks and does some other works for an old couple and gets Rs 3000 rupees monthly. Out of this, Rs. 750/- is paid towards rent. She said that, she did not study enough to get better paid, nor her parents are in a position support her.

Kidpower team identified Tejaswani and the need to support her to continue her education. Tejaswani is clever and studies very well. She usually gets 90% marks. When she grows up her ambition is to become a doctor.

Tejaswini school fees were paid and she also receive education material (school uniform, book, bag etc.) in October 2017.
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