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Support for Visually Challenged Girls
Kidpower India is working with Yendada Government Residential School (for Visually Challenged girl children), Netra School for Visually Challenged, Greenfield Residential School for Visually Challenged, Asian aid school for the blind and Zion School for the blind for the last few years. Every year we support 150 girls. Kidpower provides Braille kit, Braille paper and uniforms to the children.

Kidpower team also provide very much needed counselling support to help the children in issues related to confidence, personal hygiene, concentration, interaction with outsiders etc. Kidpower uses different techniques like role plays, games, quiz competition etc. to achieve this.
Sruthi - a Playful Girl
Sruthi is born totally visually challenged. When she was a baby she was found on the railway station. It was fortunate that the police found her. It was assumed that the parents left her in the railway station as she is born without eyes. The police have handed over to an orphan center. Since then she is staying in the orphan center.

Sruthi is 6 years old now. As she is visually challenged, she is sent to nearby Visually challenged school. Sruthi is a very active and playful girl. She is a clever girl and is good in studies. She likes signing and has performed in school events. Her favorite pastime is playing with friends. When she grows up her ambition is to become a teacher.

Sruthi has received braille kits, sanitary kit and uniforms in October 2017. She was also trained in safety skills. Kidpower is supporting Sruthi for the last few years.
Lakshmi - Shortput Champion
Lakshmi is partially visually challenged. She has a younger brother, Hareram in class 2. Her mother and brother stay in a village called Tanda, Srikakulam district. Her parents are marginal farmers and they have small piece of land. When there is no enough work they go for daily wages.

She likes mathematics of all the subjects. Her wish for future is to be a teacher. She scored as following in the SAI. 65 in Telugu, 72 in Hindi, 57 in English, 74 in mathematics, 55 in science and 67 in social studies, with a total of 390 out of 480 maximum marks. She got A2 Grade.

She actively participates in running and shot put in the sports competitions. In the state competition she participated in 50mts running and 6lb shot put. She got 3rd place in shot put in the State level.
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